On the settings page, you can set up some general settings. Please find a description of each page below.

Support AccessEnable this if you need support from Yunite's staff. If this is enabled, staff members may access your Dashboard to view and change your configuration. This can be very helpful if you have issues with configuring Yunite.
Server TimezoneFor automated snipes, it is important that the snipe announcements contain the correct local time for your players. Furthermore, this setting prevents you from having to recalculate your local clock times to CET. Just set this to your timezone to work with your local times as you are used to it.
AM/PM Time FormatBy default, Yunite uses a 24h based time format as it is developed in Germany. If you are more used to AM/PM time formats, enable this section to use this format in snipe announcements. Note that this will not affect the snipe settings page where you still need to use the 24h based format.
Delete old custom game messagesIf enabled, Yunite will remove old custom game messages in the same announcement channel when running a new custom game.

Permission override#

You can set up specific roles that can access certain pages of the management dashboard without having administrator permissions on your server.


Using permission overrides carries a high risk.

Users could escalate their privileges using Yunite's features and potentially cause high damage to your server.

By using permission overrides, you accept that Yunite and its operators cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by using this feature.

To add a permission override, follow these steps:

  • Click the Add override button
  • Confirm the alert
  • Select a role and the pages users having that role should have access to. Warning: If you allow access to the settings page, they could add other permission overrides and grant themselves more access rights.
  • Save