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Custom Matchmaking

Yunite features a Custom Matchmaking System that distributes code to your players in-game and makes code leaking difficult.


Yunite cannot host your in-game custom games. You need to have a Creator Code (S-A-C) in order to host matches, our system only takes care of code distribution.

Getting Started

To get started with custom games, follow these steps:

  • Head over to the Custom Games tab under the "Fortnite" category.
  • Select as many host roles as you'd like.

NOTE: Anyone with the configured role will have access to hosting in your server.

Match Presets

Before you can run the custom, you must create at least one preset. You can figure out how to set up a preset with the information below.

Preset NameYesThe displayed name of the preset when presented to hosts.
Match TypeYesSelect the game mode. Default and Arena modes are supported.
RegionYesThe region you're playing in. Make sure that this is correct. Otherwise, your players will queue in a different region.
Allowed PlatformsYesSet which platforms are allowed for your players to use. Yunite will check the platform live in each game and not use the platform your members selected when registering. We strongly discourage allowing Switch players to participate as they can see the code in clear text.
Max. PlayersYesThe maximum amount of players that should receive the code: Allowed value is 2,000 individuals
Role To PingNoIf selected, this role will be pinged once a new game is started.
Sign-Up ChannelYesThe channel Yunite posts the sign-up message in.
Results ListNoIn this channel, Yunite will post a list of all chosen users.
Live TrackingNoYunite will post the embed containing in-game status and kills of each player into this channel if enabled below.
Leak DetectionNoIf the feature is enabled below and Yunite detects a suspicious party activity, it will report this to you in the selected channel.
Rejection LogNoYunite will log all rejections (red cards) in this channel, including detailed reasons as available.
Live TrackingNoAttempts to track kills and in-game status of each party if enabled; requires a "Live Tracking Channel" to be set. Note: Only available for < 120 players; may be inaccurate.
Leak DetectionNoThis will keep an eye on your players' parties and check if there are any changes after inserting the code. Only available for Max. 300 Player matches. We suggest using it if you experience leaking.
Allow FillNoSwitch this on if you want to allow solo players to queue in-game modes with 2+ players.
Banned Player DetectionNoIf checked, Yunite will scan every party, and if it detects a banned player in the user's party, it will reject the party.
Require All To Be VerifiedNoIf checked, Yunite will scan every party for all players to be verified and rejects parties with unverified players.
Use Complex CodeNoIf this is enabled, Yunite will use a long, complex custom code. If disabled, Yunite will use a standard 6-digit numeric code.

Priority levels

Use priority levels to tell Yunite which players should receive the code earlier than others. You can create different priority levels to distribute the code earlier to certain roles with a custom Time-out duration without a Max. Roles limitation.

  • To add a level, click the New Level button on the top right.
  • To delete a level, click the trash can icon in the row of the level.
  • To reorder levels, drag and drop their boxes.

Hosting Games


Your server members must be signed-up with the Fortnite Registration system on your server. Otherwise, they can not participate. The host must've verified with Yunite as well beforehand.

To run a custom game matchmaking, please switch to host mode by clicking on the Host Customs tab in the top middle of your screen.

Running Custom Matchmakings

  • First, click on the preset you are hosting. This will post the Sign-Up Phase message into the Channel you previously set up.

  • After you open the Sign-Up Phase, Yunite will display a code in your browser. Copy that number & enter it in the Custom Key option on Fortnite. After inserting the code, select "Play!" in your lobby to enter the queue.

  • Finally, You are free to use the Dispatch interaction to distribute the code.

Here's a Video Tutorial by our Team explaining the process of hosting!

Joining Queues - User View

  • If a user is randomly chosen, they'll receive a DM with further instructions.
  • The player needs to accept a Friend Request from one of our in-game accounts.
  • Once accepted, they must invite the bot into their party.
  • Then, promote Yunite to party leader once it's done emoting.
  • Yunite will now enter the code onto your lobby queue and leave once done successfully.

Yunite will wait for 5 Minutes before automatically ending the distribution, once it finished you are free to commence the game.


You can track your games' progress on the dashboard by checking who Added, Invited the bot, and Finished the process successfully. Moreover, you can see which players timed out or have been rejected.