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We're happy to announce our latest changes!

A lot has changed since the previous article, published in August, and now we'll sum everything up. Let's get started!



Advanced analytics

When hosting tournaments you're now able to see very extensive analytics about the games.

The general match analytics will display as a graph how many players were alive during the match and whether the match had the storm surge or not, not forgetting closing zones.


In comparison to match ones, team analytics will display very detailed information about specific players/teams. Yunite is able to show the following data about players

Changes to health as a graph Materials (both total and changes) Skin Survival time Eliminations / Assists Changes to inventory Path as a graph and the total distance travelled Damage to players & structures


Additional settings

Recreate team on team change

If this is enabled, Yunite will create a new team for each unique player combination it encounters, effectively resetting points if a team exchanges a mate. This is recommended. If disabled, Yunite will attempt to apply changes to existing teams if detected - Note that Yunite can not automatically process changes of the team captain in this case; please read the docs.

Tiebraking rules

Yunite offers multiple tiebrakers. You will be able to choose which of them should be used and what should the order look like.

Display Epic names on leaderboard

If this is enabled, Yunite will display Epic names instead of Discord names on the leaderboard.

Import/Export point systems

Sometimes it can be frustrating to enter the same exact point system for multiple events. Don't worry; we have a solution! You will be able to export it from one event and then use in another one, or even share to your friends.

Participation requirement

Participation in tournaments can finally be limited only to whitelisted users with a specific role on your Discord server.

Tracker Networks' "play" area

We've taken the third party Fortnite tournaments to a next level in collaboration with Fortnite Tracker (provided by TRN). Events from selected servers are shown on their website. All cups are powered by Yunite, of course.


Unfortunately, we're not able to accept any new servers for now. You have to contact TRN instead!


New math mode

All condition types now support a third math mode: Range! This allows you to expect a player stat to be between a lower and upper boundary. It's essentially like applying min and max at the same time, allowing more complex configurations.

Ignored roles

If a user has one of the configured roles, the constrained role will not affect them.

Advanced Community Support System

Limit tickets per user

Finally we got what staff member have always wanted: no spam of tickets. You'll be able to select how many open tickets a user is allowed to have of this ticket at the same time. Note that every user has a global ticket limit of 5 on a server.

Special questions

RegEx patterns ADVANCED: Yes, it's true! You're now able to configure regular expressions to be used as a question answer type for special questions. As always, we highly recommend you to test them before implementing. List of options: Yunite is able to display a menu to a user and they'll be able to choose one of the listed options.

Text triggers

Yunite provides an advanced trigger rule system. You can use this module to execute actions such as sending messages, adding roles, or applying permission overrides based on the contents of a message. These rules can be used to filter bad words, to provide helpful messages to the same questions that come up in the chat over and over, or to create small utility commands. It supports various options like parameters (if used as command), cooldowns, including and excluding channels or roles and more.

Does this sound a bit familiar to you? Well, this one used to be called "Commands". Let us explain why the name had to be made a bit fancier...

Rule options

Instead of using complex regular expressions, so called RegEx patterns, we had added the following options as an alternative.

Starts with

The rule will trigger on all messages starting with the specified string. To make it case sensitive, tick the box below.

Ends with

The rule will trigger on all messages ending with the specified string. To make it case sensitive, tick the box below.

How to join our team?

Yes! We've finally added information on how to join our awesome team. Please check it out here.

Leaderboard example

As always, if you'd like to see a new feature, suggest it to us on our Feedback website! Make sure to upvote good ones there as well. If you need help with any of the aforementioned features, feel free to join our support server.


We're happy to announce our latest changes!

User Interface: Message components

We have introduced Discord's new buttons and menus to our interaction flows for both Fortnite registration and the ticket system (ACSS). All user interactions that were previously based on reactions have been reworked using message components.

While all fixed channel messages on your servers should be updating automatically as soon as they are used the next time, we have seen cases where this didn't work for various reasons. If your public registration message or one of the ACSS messages stopped working, please just go ahead and repost them again on the dashboard.

A nice side effect: Multiple Fortnite registration messages will work in parallel, so if you have multiple locations where you want to offer the possibility to link Epic accounts, you can now do so!

Custom Games have not been changed due to the amount of people concurrently clicking custom games reactions.

Tournaments: Game limits

We added two new options to our tournaments system:

  • Use best X games: You can instruct Yunite to only use the best X games of each team to calculate their scores. For example, if you set this setting to six, and a team played ten games, Yunite will use the best six games of that team to calculate their score, and not count the other four games for that team.
  • Max. games playable: You can limit each team to a specific amount of games that they are allowed to play throughout your tournament. This is useful for tournament types that last over a few days for example, but you want all teams to play at most a specific amount of games despite more games being hosted. If a team reached the given amount of games, Yunite will block any further attempts to sign up for a game by this team.

Advanced Community Support System: New special question response type

Our ticket system's special question feature is extremely powerful as you can define the questions Yunite will ask your users when they open a new ticket. It already offers quite a lot of options to define what the answer of the user should look like, such as "Open text", "Number" or "URL".

We added a new option there: "List of options". You can now enter a predefined list of options the user can choose from. Utilizing the new select menus by Discord, Yunite will present these options to your users. This is useful for any kind of situation where you need the user to decide between a specific set of options, such as colors or nations.

Check out your ACSS categories and define a special question with the new answer type to try it out!

Role Combiner: New options

We've added new options to the role combiner that represent the inverted conditions of already present conditions. You'll see them in the dropdown of your role combiner rules.

Custom and Creative: Multiple host roles

You can now configure multiple host roles for both customs and creative hosting.

We hope you enjoy these new changes. Let us know what you think!


We're happy to announce our latest changes!

Fortnite Gamepedia Power Rankings

Yunite now offers Power Rankings of Fortnite Gamepedia as condition for registration roles as an alternative to FortniteTracker or FortniteRankings Power Rankings.

You can find them as new option when adding a condition to registration roles.

Customs: Rejection logs

You'll find a new option on each custom game preset allowing you to configure a rejection log channel.

Each time a party gets rejected (red card) during the key distribution process, Yunite will log the affected player and a detailed reason for the red card as available so you can help your players resolving these issues.

Customs: Complex code

We added a new setting to custom game presets to enable the use of complex custom codes. By default, Yunite uses a random six digit numeric custom code for each game. To make leaks on platforms like the Nintendo Switch harder, you can tell Yunite to use a long, complex code instead. This code mainly consists of letters that can't be typed on a regular keyboard, making it hard to dictate or enter it manually.

We recommend to use this if you don't need to ever type the code manually.

Tournaments: New DM notifications

Yunite will send out new notifications for

  • automated team creations
  • automated and admin team member adjustments so you always know what's going on with your team.


Over the last few weeks, a bunch of smaller changes piled up. Therefore, this change log is a summary of these changes, some of which were already deployed some time ago.

FortniteRankings PowerRankings

Yunite now offers PowerRankings of FortniteRankings as condition for registration roles as an alternative to FortniteTracker PowerRankings.

You can find them as new option when adding a condition to registration roles.

Cross Server Role Sync

We have added a new feature that allows you to synchronize selected roles between two servers. This is useful if you want to mirror a role on two servers, making sure that if a user has a role on server A, they will also get in on server B.

Read our new documentation article to learn more: Cross Server Role Sync

Permission Override: Removed Manage server access switch

We have removed the option to allow users with Manage server permissions full access to the dashboard.

The setting has been replaced with a more powerful permission override system which can be accessed on the settings page. It allows you to precisely configure which roles should have access to exactly which pages of the dashboard.

To replicate the old behavior, add an overide setting for your manage server enabled role, and allow access to all pages.

Customs: Priority queue

The feature known to you as "Preferred roles" when hosting custom games has been changed to behave as real priority roles.

If you configure priority roles, users having these roles will get the code first, while all other users have to wait. To be precise, they have to wait until all priority players got the code, or until a certain amount of time passed since dispatch, whichever is earlier.

You can (and should) configure this timeout. There is a new field next to the priority role field in your custom presets where you can fill in a number of seconds. The default value of 0 means that non-priority players start getting codes at the same time as priority players. This is the same as the old behavior to avoid breaking your current workflow.

To make use of the feature, will in a value greater than zero. We recommend a timeout for non-priority players of 30 seconds, so your priority players are 30 seconds ahead in the process. This way, they have a good chance of getting into the first lobby.

Tournaments: Manual role assignment

We've changed the add-role-by-placement feature to make auto-assigning these roles 30 minutes after the tourney end optional. If you don't want to have Yunite to auto-assign these roles, but prepare your placement-to-role beforehand, you can turn the auto-assign switch of in your tournament settings.

To assign roles manually, you can click the new Apply roles ... button on your tournament dashboard. It will present you a popup with your previously configured placement-to-role mapping. You can keep or modify it, and then start role assignments manually. That way, you are in 100% control when and which roles will be assigned to your tournament participants

Tournaments: Disable ties

You can set up your tournament to break ties of teams with the same amount of points instead of displaying it on the same rank. Yunite will break ties in this order: Score, Wins, Average Eliminations, Average Placement, Coinflip.

Tournaments: Hide landing spots

You can now configure Yunite to hide landing spot indicators on the map if you consider this to be an unfair information source in multi-round tournaments.

Registration: Ignore roles setting

All registration roles have a new settings field called Ignored roles. Any users having one of these role will not be affected by the registration role, and Yunite behaves as if the rule for this registration role has not been configured at all for users having one of the roles in the Ignored roles field.


All features in this update are about our tournament module.

Yunite Client

The Yunite client is now available to the general public! Yunite will suggest your users to download and install the client when they are asked to upload a replay file. Once they have downloaded and installed the client, they don't have to remember to upload their replay files anymore as that will be fully automated.

The Yunite Client is available at alongside some explanations. Please feel free to link this page in your tournament announcements!

The use of the client is 100% optional. If players don't feel comfortable to install third party software, they can continue to drag and drop replay files. However, we highly recommend that every player installs it to make the data more reliable. Additionally, it will make the new interactive maps (see next topic) more complete if more players upload replays (or install the client).

New leaderboard

We have redesigned our leaderboard to show much more data!

This new data includes

  • Placement vs. Elimination points for each team
  • Single match leaderboards, including
    • Individual results for the match
    • Killfeed
    • Interactive map with
      • death locations
      • landing spots
      • bus flight path
      • safe zones

The single match leaderboard is a brand feature that we're very excited about, and should give you a much better overview of how a single game went, who killed who and when, and shows you how the safezones and track of eliminations move across the map. Let us know your thoughts!

Leaderboard example

Manual score adjustment

A frequently requested feature is the ability to manually adjust scores, for example to add bonus points in specific formats or to substract points as a punishment for rule violations. This feature has been added to Yunite and is available for all tournaments.

Please note that this feature should not be used to correct "wrong" scores. Replay files don't lie, and you should not trust potentially faked "proof" of your players.

Point adjustments come with the requirement of a reason that will be shared with the player and the public on the leaderboard to ensure full transparency on the reason for the score adjustment. Players will know who adjusted their score and why, and, as a consequence, can appeal this adjustment by asking the TO directly if they think this is an error.

You can adjust the score of a team on the website on the dashboard of your tournament. Just access the team list, search for the team you want to change, and click "Adjust score".

Adjustment example

Maximum eliminations ("Kill cap") option

You can now configure Yunite to limit the amount of eliminations counted for each player when calculating your score. You'll find the new option in your tournament settings, right next to the place where you configure the amount of points per elimination.

Option to "reset" score on team changes

It's now possible to configure Yunite to only count games for a team that have been played with the exact same players as their latest game. That way, if a team changes a teammate, they will have their points "reset" and only games with the new team configuration will count. This is optional and disabled by default.

If you have any questions about the new changes, feel free to join our support server!


50 player zone wars support

We have added support for 50 player zone wars. You can either host them through our creative system that comes with a super easy join process for users, or use the custom key distribution.

Watch these tutorials to learn how to host 50 player maps using the creative module of Yunite:

--> How to host:
--> How to join (share this with players):

As this comes with a few limitations, an alternative is to use our custom key distribution system for creative matches as well. You'll find the new game mode options in your custom games presets. However, using this, users would have to enter the island code themselves, while it's only a few clicks to join a match using the creative module, so we advise to use it whenever feasible.

Tournaments: External player support

We have added a new switch called "Allow unverified players" to tournament settings that allows external players (players that are not verified on your server) to play together with at least one verified player in Duos, Trios, and Sqauds. That way, only team captains need to be verified on the server, and can just play with whomever they want. Of course, Yunite will still make sure that these players are not banned or blocked on your server.

We have seen a lot of red cards due to some teammates not being verified when playing tournaments. If you want to allow that some teammates are not on your server, just enable the new option. However, only the players in a team that are verified will be displayed on the leaderboard.

If you have any questions about the new changes, feel free to join our support server!



  • Tournament Dashboard
    We have changed how the tournament management page looks like and moved most of the functionality that was formerly available through buttons on tournament panels into the tournament dashboard. Each of your tournaments has a new Dashboard button that forwards you to a page dedicated to this tournament. Formerly, it was used solely for displaying the match history; now, it contains the moved functionality, some statistics, the match history, and the all-new team management overview.
  • Team Management
    Users are able to manage their teams by pressing a reaction below the tournament Discord embed - that's what you already know. From now on, you, as admins, are able to perform the same actions on any team of your tournament to assist with teammate swapping issues. You can promote members to leader, remove members, or add a new member to a team. You can also disqualify teams that violated rules; these players will not be able to participate anymore, can not join other teams and won't appear in your leaderboard.


If you have any questions about the new changes, feel free to join our support server!


Mayhem replacement for tournament scoring

After a few weeks of hard work, we're proud to present you our latest feature: Tournament scoring!

It's intended to replace Mayhem and provide a very easy way to score your tournaments. It's been tested on a few biggish servers throughout the last weeks, and the results are promising!

Yunite will accept replay submissions of your players and combine all the data into one single leaderboard. Example: img

There are a few differences to Mayhem:

  • Our system is connected with our key distribution system. You must dispatch the keys through the customs system for a match to be scored in your tournament (but most of you are already doing that anyways, aren't you? :P )
  • Yunite will score non-PC players on a best effort basis - that means, as long as a PC player uploads a replay file containing a console players score, they will receive their points. However, it's the same as with other systems: If you don't have a PC player at least spectating the Victory Royale, the match will only be partially scored.
  • Instead of deleting matches, you can ignore them. You can easily tell Yunite to ignore a specific match when calculating the leaderboard, and undo that decision with the same ease. In Mayhem, it was gone after deletion.
  • Our tournament system comes with a Developer API (see below)!
  • Scoring only takes a very short time after the replay files have been uploaded. You won't have to wait 10 minutes for your placement points to appear like in Mayhem.
  • For our very first version, we do not have a local client that players can install on their computer.

    It's currently in the development pipeline and will be released soon after!

    For now, players have to upload their replay files manually, but that's a very easy process (just drag&drop, either onto the website at, as response to a DM Yunite sends after they left the game, or into a pre-configured channel on your server).

    Watch this video to find out how it works:

Visit our Dashboard to set up your first tournament! The UI for it is very intuitive, but you can read our documentation here: Tournament Docs

Additionally, we increased the Custom Game Player Limit to 2,000 players so you can run big ladders with system.

Do you have questions? Join our Support Server! Our team is happy to help.


Developers & API

The new feature comes with some new API endpoints. You need tournament results, even of individual matches, in an external system? We got you covered!

Check our documentation on the Tournament API.

We've worked hard over the last few months to bring you this massive update!

Developers: Please read the hint for developers below.


  • Increased Custom Games player limit. For Premium users, the max. player number per custom game queue has been increased to 520 players (previously: 149). That allows you to fill up to five lobbies with a single key distribution process.
  • New Dashboard.
    The dashboard has been rewritten from scratch. It aims to be more user and mobile friendly and is generally cleaner and more polished than the old dashboard. Additionally, it includes some more new neat features like some server statistics. This also includes dashboard logs that tracks every action and change on your dashboard if an unwanted change happens and you need to figure out who it was.
  • Live Host feedback.
    The custom game process now features an advanced process feedback system while hosting. While the old version just showed a few numbers, the new version will show you the state each player is in. For example: how many players are in a certain step, who got rejected and why, and so on - all in real-time, on your dashboard while hosting. Amazing!
  • Custom and Creative Game Presets.
    Custom Games and Creative Matchmaking are now controlled using Match presets. That means that administrators of each server have to predefine one or more presets that include all the match settings that have previously been configured directly on the host page itself. Hosts can only use these presets and can not change settings anymore. This prevents abuse, and the accidental misconfiguration of the custom games feature by hosts that are not desired by server administrators. Moreover, these presets allow a much more detailed configuration of the whole hosting process; in particular, you can configure one channel per message type.
  • Custom Games Ban Detection.
    The updated version of custom key distribution can scan for banned players in each party and reject that party if a banned player has been found. Therefore, if you have this setting turned on, banned users can't join your matches by queueing with other players anymore. If you want, you can even require all players in each party to be verified (instead of only the party leader).
  • Custom Games auto-retry.
    If a user times out in the middle of a key insertion process, Yunite will give them a second chance and restart the process. In a few first tests, this appears to significantly increase the success rate of custom game key insertions.
  • Enhanced creative session building.
    The creative match builder has been equipped with the same stunning live feedback system of the custom games key distribution system. Moreover, it has been changed so that each user only has to add one bot and stay its friend all day - no need to re-add it for every single box-fight!
  • Custom Command Groups.
    Many servers are using Yunite's command system and have come up with lots of commands! The new version allows you to group your custom commands into groups of related commands for a better overview and allows you to change permissions of all commands in a group with a single setting.
  • Custom Command Replacements. For a long time, {user} was the only available replacement you could use in messages sent by Yunite through the commands system. We added a long list of new replacements that enable users to mention roles, channel, or users in these messages easily or show data related to the invoking user, the channel, or the server. You can find a list in our documentation on the Commands page.
  • New command action type: Apply Permission Overrides. The custom commands module has a new action type called "Apply permission overrides". It allows you to configure a set of permission overrides that can be applied to a channel once you invoke the command. This is useful to build customized commands to lock channels, combat raids, or any other purpose where you need to switch between a few sets of permission overrides for a channel from time to time. Unlike other bots that offer channel locking, we do not have any opinions on how to lock a channel; you can configure it however you want.
  • Verification flow.
    The verification flow changed slightly; users don't have to enter their Epic Games username anymore, which has been a source of errors and frustration in the past. All users need to add the in-game bot, and the system will figure out the account details.
  • Registration constraint join types.
    You can now configure Yunite to join your registration role constraints to be joined with either AND or OR - on both a constraint type level and a global role level. This allows for more complex constraint structures without creating more roles.
  • Rank system multipliers. You can configure roles in the rank/level system that should receive more XP per messages than regular users by adding a factor between one and five. You can use this for VIPs, as a reward for server boosters, or any other type of reward system.
  • Scheduled Permission Notifications.
    Scheduled Permissions now support a message to be sent into the affected channels to notify users about the channel being closed, for example. This is optional.
  • And maybe one of the other things we forgot to mention ...


  • Snipes.

Developers & API

The new version introduces a completely reworked API. We changed the authentication model from guild based API keys to application keys that need to be authorized on guilds, similar to how bots are added to Discord itself. Additionally, our API endpoints changed significantly.

The legacy endpoints will continue to work for existing systems until 2021-03-01. After that, you must have switched to the new endpoints.

Go ahead and read our new API documentation right now!