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We're happy to announce our latest changes!

User Interface: Message components

We have introduced Discord's new buttons and menus to our interaction flows for both Fortnite registration and the ticket system (ACSS). All user interactions that were previously based on reactions have been reworked using message components.

While all fixed channel messages on your servers should be updating automatically as soon as they are used the next time, we have seen cases where this didn't work for various reasons. If your public registration message or one of the ACSS messages stopped working, please just go ahead and repost them again on the dashboard.

A nice side effect: Multiple Fortnite registration messages will work in parallel, so if you have multiple locations where you want to offer the possibility to link Epic accounts, you can now do so!

Custom Games have not been changed due to the amount of people concurrently clicking custom games reactions.

Tournaments: Game limits

We added two new options to our tournaments system:

  • Use best X games: You can instruct Yunite to only use the best X games of each team to calculate their scores. For example, if you set this setting to six, and a team played ten games, Yunite will use the best six games of that team to calculate their score, and not count the other four games for that team.
  • Max. games playable: You can limit each team to a specific amount of games that they are allowed to play throughout your tournament. This is useful for tournament types that last over a few days for example, but you want all teams to play at most a specific amount of games despite more games being hosted. If a team reached the given amount of games, Yunite will block any further attempts to sign up for a game by this team.

Advanced Community Support System: New special question response type

Our ticket system's special question feature is extremely powerful as you can define the questions Yunite will ask your users when they open a new ticket. It already offers quite a lot of options to define what the answer of the user should look like, such as "Open text", "Number" or "URL".

We added a new option there: "List of options". You can now enter a predefined list of options the user can choose from. Utilizing the new select menus by Discord, Yunite will present these options to your users. This is useful for any kind of situation where you need the user to decide between a specific set of options, such as colors or nations.

Check out your ACSS categories and define a special question with the new answer type to try it out!

Role Combiner: New options

We've added new options to the role combiner that represent the inverted conditions of already present conditions. You'll see them in the dropdown of your role combiner rules.

Custom and Creative: Multiple host roles

You can now configure multiple host roles for both customs and creative hosting.

We hope you enjoy these new changes. Let us know what you think!