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We're happy to announce our latest changes!

Fortnite Gamepedia Power Rankings

Yunite now offers Power Rankings of Fortnite Gamepedia as condition for registration roles as an alternative to FortniteTracker or FortniteRankings Power Rankings.

You can find them as new option when adding a condition to registration roles.

Customs: Rejection logs

You'll find a new option on each custom game preset allowing you to configure a rejection log channel.

Each time a party gets rejected (red card) during the key distribution process, Yunite will log the affected player and a detailed reason for the red card as available so you can help your players resolving these issues.

Customs: Complex code

We added a new setting to custom game presets to enable the use of complex custom codes. By default, Yunite uses a random six digit numeric custom code for each game. To make leaks on platforms like the Nintendo Switch harder, you can tell Yunite to use a long, complex code instead. This code mainly consists of letters that can't be typed on a regular keyboard, making it hard to dictate or enter it manually.

We recommend to use this if you don't need to ever type the code manually.

Tournaments: New DM notifications

Yunite will send out new notifications for

  • automated team creations
  • automated and admin team member adjustments so you always know what's going on with your team.