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Mayhem replacement for tournament scoring

After a few weeks of hard work, we're proud to present you our latest feature: Tournament scoring!

It's intended to replace Mayhem and provide a very easy way to score your tournaments. It's been tested on a few biggish servers throughout the last weeks, and the results are promising!

Yunite will accept replay submissions of your players and combine all the data into one single leaderboard. Example: img

There are a few differences to Mayhem:

  • Our system is connected with our key distribution system. You must dispatch the keys through the customs system for a match to be scored in your tournament (but most of you are already doing that anyways, aren't you? :P )
  • Yunite will score non-PC players on a best effort basis - that means, as long as a PC player uploads a replay file containing a console players score, they will receive their points. However, it's the same as with other systems: If you don't have a PC player at least spectating the Victory Royale, the match will only be partially scored.
  • Instead of deleting matches, you can ignore them. You can easily tell Yunite to ignore a specific match when calculating the leaderboard, and undo that decision with the same ease. In Mayhem, it was gone after deletion.
  • Our tournament system comes with a Developer API (see below)!
  • Scoring only takes a very short time after the replay files have been uploaded. You won't have to wait 10 minutes for your placement points to appear like in Mayhem.
  • For our very first version, we do not have a local client that players can install on their computer.

    It's currently in the development pipeline and will be released soon after!

    For now, players have to upload their replay files manually, but that's a very easy process (just drag&drop, either onto the website at, as response to a DM Yunite sends after they left the game, or into a pre-configured channel on your server).

    Watch this video to find out how it works:

Visit our Dashboard to set up your first tournament! The UI for it is very intuitive, but you can read our documentation here: Tournament Docs

Additionally, we increased the Custom Game Player Limit to 2,000 players so you can run big ladders with system.

Do you have questions? Join our Support Server! Our team is happy to help.


Developers & API

The new feature comes with some new API endpoints. You need tournament results, even of individual matches, in an external system? We got you covered!

Check our documentation on the Tournament API.