Yunite ships a fully-fledged tournament scoring system for your Fortnite tournaments!

The bot will distribute custom keys with the Custom Games feature and calculate match results from replay files uploaded by users, and combines all of this data into one tournament leaderboard. Example:


Yunite Tournaments come with a few differences to older systems such as Mayhem:

  • Our system is connected with our key distribution system. You must dispatch the keys through the customs system for a match to be scored in your tournament.
  • Yunite will score non-PC players on a best effort basis - that means, as long as a PC player uploads a replay file containing a console players score, they will receive their points. However, it's the same as with other systems: If you don't have a PC player at least spectating the Victory Royale, the match will only be partially scored.
  • Instead of deleting matches, you can ignore them. You can easily tell Yunite to ignore a specific match when calculating the leaderboard, and undo that decision with the same ease. In Mayhem, it was gone after deletion.
  • Scoring only takes a very short time after the replay files have been uploaded. You won't have to wait 10 minutes for your placement points to appear like in Mayhem.
  • For our very first version, we do not have a local client that players can install on their computer. It's currently in the development pipeline and will be released soon after! For now, players have to upload their replay files manually, but that's a very easy process (just drag & drop, either onto the website at, as response to a DM Yunite sends after they left the game, or into a pre-configured channel on your server).

    Watch this video to find out how it works:

Getting started#

To get started with tournaments, follow these steps:


ALL members of ALL TEAMS must be verified with the Fortnite Registration System for this system to work!

  1. On the dashboard, go to Tournaments under the Fortnite heading.
  2. In the top right, click "Add tournament".
  3. Set up all settings (see below for explanations).
  4. Go to the Custom Host tab on top middle of your screen.
  5. Host a game using your tournament preset.
  6. Let your users upload their replay files.

Done! Yunite will extract the results from all submitted replay files and create a leaderboard for you. You can access the leaderboard by clicking the Leaderboard button on your Tournament Options panel.

Setting up a tournament#

Once you add a new tournament, you'll be presented with quite a few settings and options you need to fill.

General settings#

  • Name: Enter the public name of your tournament. It will displayed on the leaderboard, the Discord embed etc.
  • Description: Enter a description of your tournament. You include prizes, rules, and anything else that might be important here. It will be displayed on your leaderboard page and on the Discord embed of your tournament.
  • Team Size: Please select the team size of your tournament.
  • Allow team changes: Enable this option if you want to allow that teams change players mid-tournament. Only recommended for long running ladders etc.
  • Min. players per match: Please choose how many participants must be in the same game for it to count towards the leaderboard.
  • Start Date: Enter the date and time when your tournament starts. These times will publicly displayed. Games can only be started after this time.
  • End Date: Enter the date and time when your tournament ends. All games must be started before this point in time.
  • Replay Upload Channel: You can offer your players a central place to upload their replay files. This is optional, as players can still upload using the website or DMs.

Point system#

Configure the format of your tournament by specifying elimination and placement points.

Elimination points are awarded if a player you knocked gets eliminated, or if you eliminate the last player of a team. Placement points are awarded to ranks in single matches. Each team gets awarded the placement points of the next worse placement you configure (Example: If you configure some points for #1 and some points for #5, then #2, #3, #4 and #5 would get the same amount of points).

Match settings#

Please configure a match preset for your tournament. It works similarly to our Custom Games feature.

Role assignments#

You can configure roles that Yunite will hand out to specific ranks on the final leaderboard. The roles will be applied 30 minutes after the tournament ended.

The roles work very similar to placement points; if you want to add a role to the top 10 teams, just configure one single entry with #10 as placement, and the top 1 to 10 will receive the role.


  • Assign all roles: Enable this if you want Yunite to assign all roles a player is eligible for. If this is disable, a team will only receive the best role they may get, and not all of them.
  • Add only: If enabled, Yunite will only add the roles to eligible players, but not remove it from users already having the role. If disabled, Yunite will remove the role from everyone else.

Tournament options#

Once you created a tournament, you'll see a new panel on the tournaments page for it. If offers a few options:

  • Edit: Reopen the form you already know to change the settings.
  • Leaderboard: Open the public leaderboard page. The page is accessible by everyone, so you can just share the link.
  • Post Discord Embed: Post an embed to a public channel on your Discord server. It shows the general tournament data, the top 10 of the leaderboard, and a reaction your players can use to change their teammates if you allowed that in the tournament settings.
  • Export CSV: Export and download a .csv file with the current leaderboard.
  • Match History: Views the match history of the tournament (see below).
  • Clone: Create a new tournament with the exact same settings. Useful for repeated / daily / weekly ladders.
  • Delete: Deletes this tournament permanently. You will lose all data and all points. This can not be undone.

Match history#

Once you click the Match history button, you'll see a list of all matches played in your tournament so far.

Click Ignore to ignore a match. Ignored matches will not count towards the leaderboard.

Click Results to show the individual results of this single match.

You can check the status of those matches. There are a few status tags that may appear:

  • Not yet scored: This game has been captured, but not yet scored (probably it's in progress and noone uploaded replays so far).
  • Partially scored: This game has been partially scored (e.g. with a replay from the mid of the match). This generally appears if noone uploaded a replay file yet that contains the Victory Royale.
  • Not enough players: This game has already been (partially) scored, but will not count towards the leaderboard as there are not enough players in it. You can change the limit in your tournament settings to let them count.
  • Ignored: Appears if you pressed the Ignore button. Ignored matches will not count towards the leaderboard.