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Item Shop

Yunite can post the daily item shop in a custom channel that you can set up through the Dashboard. Here you can find some information about the Item Shop feature.

Auto-Post Shop

Yunite will automatically send the latest updated shop daily in the channel which you have set on the Select a channel option.

Post upon a Specified Time

Yunite will post the item-shop at a certain time in a channel of your choice, which you can set up using the Dashboard.


Ensure that you have set up the correct timezone in your Dashboards' Settings page. If you do not correctly set up the timezone for Yunite, it will post the shop at a different time rather than the expected.

Command Settings

You can also check the shop by invoking the !shop command on your server. Yunite will send the current shop in the channel where the command has been used.


You must have an allowed role & channel set, or else the command will not be available for use.


Follow our tips about filling permissions fields here.