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Twitch Account Verification

Yunite provides an advanced way for server members to link their Twitch account to Yunite. Once linked, it will be able to grant Discord roles to users based on various conditions. When using the Tournament feature of Yunite, the players who're live will be shown on the leaderboards.


Users will only have to link their accounts by using the verification message in one server, and the accounts will be linked globally.

Initial setup

Let's get started with the Verification System! We'll run you through the process of correctly setting it up for your server!

  1. Select a target channel for the Twitch verification embed message which users can use to link their accounts. Keep in mind that this should be available for public.
  2. If you prefer to have a different kind of verification message, feel free to edit it now.
  3. Click on Send Message.
  4. Done! Your users are now able to link their accounts.

If you'd only like the streams to be shown on the leaderboards, and would not like to give linked users any other rewards, such as roles, that was it! In the following steps, we will instruct you how the roles can be configured.


General Role

  1. Click the blue Add role button on the top right corner of the roles box.
  2. Select the correct role in the searchable dropdown menu on the top right of the new box that just appeared.
  3. The configured role will now be granted to everyone who completed verification successfully.

Conditional Roles

Condition typeDescription
Follower CountIf configured, role will only be granted if user has at least the configured number of followers on Twitch.
Is liveIf configured, the role will only be granted to users who're currently livestreaming on Twitch.
Affiliate / Partner StatusIf configured, the role will be granted based on user's status on Twitch (Not affiliated/Affiliated/Partnered)

Two or more of aforementioned requirements can be combined. For example, a role could be granted only to affiliated streamers who're currently livestreaming.

If you've any additional questions regarding the Twitch verification system, please join our Support Server.