Creative Matchmaking

Yunite offers a system that allows you and a selectable amount of random users to join the same creative session without adding them as friends.


The host and all participants must be verified through the Fortnite Registration system for this system to work.

Getting started#

To get started with creative games, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Creative page under the Fortnite heading.
  2. Select the host role. Anyone with this role will have access to use the presets.

Match Presets#

Before you can create a creative match, you must create at least one match preset. You can figure out how to set up a preset with the information below.

NameYesThe displayed name of the preset when presented to hosts.
Max playersYesThe max. amount of players that should join the match. Max. allowed value is usually 15 (you + 15 players). If you have access to a large creative mode, you can enter up to 49; however, Yunite will grade it back down to 15 if you're in an incompatible game mode.
Preferred RolesNoPeople having this role will always be preferred when choosing random participants. This is useful for VIPs etc. Do not use this for a bigger role.
Role to pingNoIf selected, this role will be pinged once a new game is started.
Sign Up ChannelYesThe channel Yunite posts the sign-up message in.


To run invite users to your creative session, please switch to host mode by clicking on the "Host Creative" tab in the top middle of your screen.

Running the creative matchmaking#

First, click on the preset you are hosting. This will post the "Sign Up Phase" message into the Sign Up Channel you previously set up.

After you opened the sign-up phase, your members can sign up. Once enough members signed up, press the "Dispatch" button to start the process:

  1. Yunite will ask you (the host) to add one of our in-game bots as a friend. Make sure you are in the creative hub in your game or any joinable map.
  2. You need to set your party privacy to "Friends only" for three seconds and back to "Private" right after.
  3. Once the system captured your session, it will start to invite your users as follows: 3.1 Each user has to add one of our in-game bots. This bot will stay their friend for the time being and always use the same one in future matches, reducing friends handling and speeding up further matchmaking. 3.2 After that, the user has to "join" the bot's match by clicking on its name in the friendslist and selecting "Join Game". Yunite will route them into your session afterward.

You can follow the state of each player live on the webpage. Once everyone joined, start the match and have fun!