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  • Tournament Dashboard
    We have changed how the tournament management page looks like and moved most of the functionality that was formerly available through buttons on tournament panels into the tournament dashboard. Each of your tournaments has a new Dashboard button that forwards you to a page dedicated to this tournament. Formerly, it was used solely for displaying the match history; now, it contains the moved functionality, some statistics, the match history, and the all-new team management overview.
  • Team Management
    Users are able to manage their teams by pressing a reaction below the tournament Discord embed - that's what you already know. From now on, you, as admins, are able to perform the same actions on any team of your tournament to assist with teammate swapping issues. You can promote members to leader, remove members, or add a new member to a team. You can also disqualify teams that violated rules; these players will not be able to participate anymore, can not join other teams and won't appear in your leaderboard.


If you have any questions about the new changes, feel free to join our support server!