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50 player zone wars support

We have added support for 50 player zone wars. You can either host them through our creative system that comes with a super easy join process for users, or use the custom key distribution.

Watch these tutorials to learn how to host 50 player maps using the creative module of Yunite:

--> How to host:
--> How to join (share this with players):

As this comes with a few limitations, an alternative is to use our custom key distribution system for creative matches as well. You'll find the new game mode options in your custom games presets. However, using this, users would have to enter the island code themselves, while it's only a few clicks to join a match using the creative module, so we advise to use it whenever feasible.

Tournaments: External player support

We have added a new switch called "Allow unverified players" to tournament settings that allows external players (players that are not verified on your server) to play together with at least one verified player in Duos, Trios, and Sqauds. That way, only team captains need to be verified on the server, and can just play with whomever they want. Of course, Yunite will still make sure that these players are not banned or blocked on your server.

We have seen a lot of red cards due to some teammates not being verified when playing tournaments. If you want to allow that some teammates are not on your server, just enable the new option. However, only the players in a team that are verified will be displayed on the leaderboard.

If you have any questions about the new changes, feel free to join our support server!