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Thank you for your interest in our API.

The API of Yunite is an HTTPS and WebSocket based API that allows you to easily access and manipulate some of Yunite's data and processes on your guild.

All data you can get or modify is guild-scoped. That means that you will get different results depending on which guild you call. For example, a user can be linked to their primary Epic account on one guild and their alt account on another guild.


The API is only available on guilds with an active Yunite Premium subscription or trial period. The API is not available on guilds running without Premium. Even if you have Premium, we reserve the right to deny API access at any time without giving a reason.

You can get Premium for free for the sole purpose of testing and developing your integration on a small, private testing server. Please reach out to gxxgly on Discord if you want to request that.

API Rules

By using our API, you accept to abide by the following usage rules.

We keep it simple and list some Dos and Don'ts:

  • Do not store the data you receive permanently. We have high rate limits, and you can request the data if you need it. Most data is subject to change anyway.

  • You may implement a caching layer to reduce unnecessary requests. Note that such a cache has to expire after some hours and must not be written to any persistent storage, and must be gone after your program's restart.

  • Do not share this data with any third parties other than your users without the explicit, written permission of Yunite's owner.

  • Do not use the data you receive to create permanent user or guild data collections.

  • Do not use the data you receive to supply statistical analysis, for example, market research, or any other purpose that does not directly allow your service to run and interoperate with Yunite. You may use the data only to run your core operations that interact with Yunite.

  • Do not use the data you receive to create, supply, or foster any features in your application that duplicates, imitates, or otherwise competes with any of Yunite's features; do not use our registration data to import them into or supply any custom Epic Games / Fortnite registration solution.

  • Do not use our data within any actions related to marketing, analytics, or spam.

  • You may not take any actions that guild administrators or users would not expect or encourage from your app; do not use any actions on behalf of a user without them interacting with your system and expecting that action to happen.

  • Do not use any data you receive for any purpose that our users would not reasonably expect or endorse.

Additionally, we have the right to review your API usage and deny API access at any time without giving a reason if we don't approve your usecase, even if you're a Premium customer.